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AP Courses and the College Process

AP® Courses and the College Process

一所学校大学先修课程的整体质量® program is critical to the success of its 学生们为在大学取得成功做准备,也为大学录取做准备 process. 棋牌游戏平台大学咨询办公室整理了一些棋牌游戏大全AP的常见问题® 与大学过程相关的课程.

List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • How are AP® 大学录取过程中审查的课程和分数?

    成绩单显示在多个AP注册® courses is, by itself, not an accurate or reliable predictor of achievement or success in the college admissions process. In selective college admissions, 学生是在他们所就读的高中背景下阅读的. College admissions counselors are typically given detailed information about the courses that are available to the students in the school, 班级的标准化考试平均分, the AP exam results of the previous year, 四年制大学学生的百分比, and a grade distribution for the class to put the high school and its students into perspective.

    而个别高中负责教授他们的AP课程® 课程方面,学生在学年结束时参加全国大学先修课程考试. 考试的分数为1 - 5分,满分为3分, 4分和5分被认为是“大学推荐”分. An individual school’s AP® program can therefore be evaluated on the overall success of its students on the national exams.

    现实情况是,学院和大学考虑的是学校AP的实力® program when determining the merits of a student’s course choices and rigor of academic schedule. If the school’s “pass rate” (i.e. percentage of exams earning a 3, 4, or 5) is low, the assumption can be that the AP courses taught are of questionable rigor; in such a scenario, the number of AP® courses on a student’s transcript can have considerably less advantageous impact on the admissions outcome.
  • What is Berkeley’s AP® pass rate compared to others?

    Berkeley's AP® pass rate in 2019 was 86%. According to the College Board®在美国,棋牌游戏平台93%的学生在至少一门考试中得了3分或更高的分数. The last available comparative data is from 2018 when 92% of Berkeley students earned a three or higher on at least one exam compared to 56% of students in Florida and 61% of students globally scored a three or higher on at least one AP® exam.
  • 棋牌游戏平台大学的录取数据是什么?

    The graduates of the Class of 2020 were accepted to a combined total of 186 colleges and universities in 38 states, the District of Columbia, Canada, Scotland, and the UAE. 这个班获得了超过1000万美元的奖学金, 86%的学生有资格获得佛罗里达光明未来奖学金项目.
  • Are a certain number of AP® 获得名牌大学录取所需的课程?

    Unfortunately, there are many assumptions about what readers at selective colleges consider to be “plusses” regarding AP® courses. 这个过程最大的过度简化之一是“X数量的AP® 进入名牌大学必须修一些课程.” X varies according to with whom you speak, but the misguided theory behind this myth remains the same…“If a student doesn’t load up on AP® and courses, she/he will have no options.”

    在竞争激烈的大学录取中,仅仅有AP是不够的® courses on the student transcript. 大多数申请重点院校, including the Common Application, 800多所高校使用的是哪一种, now ask students to report AP® exam scores in the application process. Likewise, a student’s performance in the AP® class is closely examined, 学校在考试中的整体表现也是如此, to determine the quality of the AP® program and the preparation for the student population as a whole. 重要的是要记住,学校AP的整体质量® 课程对学生在大学过程中的成功至关重要. For this reason, it is possible for two students at different high schools to have taken identical course loads with identical grades, but for one student to be seen as “more competitive” than the other based upon the reputation and perceived rigor of the individual high school curriculums.
  • How many AP® courses are offered at Berkeley?

    Currently, 26 AP® 开设的课程涵盖所有学科.
  • What is Berkeley’s Philosophy & Approach to AP® Courses?

    The philosophy at Berkeley is that the AP® 按照大学理事会的规定,课程应该在大学水平上教授®, and as expected by the colleges. 正是由于这个原因,我们大多数的AP® classes are available to junior and senior students; it is a rare freshman or sophomore in high school who is prepared to successfully master the material in a college-level course. Therefore, our curriculum in grades 9, 10年级和11年级旨在为学生准备AP打下基础® success. 这种方法对我们的学生和学校来说都非常成功.

    While maintaining rigorous entrance requirements befitting a college-level course, we have made AP® 符合条件的学生更容易获得课程. 自2015年以来,参加至少一门AP的学生人数® exam has increased by almost 20%. 2019年,295名学生参加了至少一门AP®考试,我们举办了800场考试. The increased accessibility of AP® 课程继续伴随着令人印象深刻的高水平的AP表现® exams. 在过去的五年里,随着我们不断增加对美联社的访问® 棋牌游戏平台的学生已经修了3600多门AP课程® 并取得了令人难以置信的86%的通过率. Students are reviewed by college readers in the context of the program available to them at Berkeley and invariably benefit from the strong reputation we enjoy nationally.

    At the same time, we resist any temptation to be complacent but instead remain at the forefront of issues of interest surrounding the AP® program; we continuously evaluate and research our program and make changes that are in the best interests of our students, their education and the college process. In addition, we encourage parents and students to work closely with Berkeley’s academic counselors to ensure a challenging schedule in which a student can be academically successful is in place.

    At Berkeley, we require all AP® 学生参加考试是他们对课程承诺的一部分. 我们的大学辅导员有时会被问到AP的重要性® exam score (given the exam takes place at the end of the year) and the level of interest a college actually has in the outcome of the course. 再一次,现实是学院和大学会考虑学校AP的实力® program when determining the merits of a student’s course choices and rigor of academic schedule. 如果学校的“通过率”很低,可以假设AP® courses taught are of questionable rigor; in such a scenario, the number of Advanced Placement® courses on a student’s transcript can have considerably less advantageous impact on the admissions outcome.
  • What is the history of the AP® Program?

    According to the College Board®, the Advanced Placement® 该计划是在20世纪50年代发展起来的,旨在让有才华的人, 激励学生在高中时就有机会学习大学水平的课程. It was seen as a partnership of sorts between high schools and colleges; a way to inspire bright students to maximize their abilities. At the end of the academic year, 每个科目都有一个国家考试,得分为1 - 5分,得分为3分, 4, 5个考虑了“大学推荐”分数. Every student takes the same exam, 因此,在全国范围内比较学生和高中的分数是可能的.
Founded in 1960, Berkeley is an independent, Episcopal, 位于坦帕的大学预备走读学校, FL, 适用于从幼儿园到12年级的男孩和女孩. 大约1400名来自坦帕湾地区的学生聚集在这里,组成了一个棋牌游戏平台.